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An Average Case Using DCM Protocols

David Galler taught most of us how to do Invisalign. I teach how to make a lot of money doing Invisalign.

Komassa changed her smile in just 7 months. With no more then 3 hours of total chair time start to finish, and less then 25 minutes of total doctor time. She paid a total of $3776 for Invisalign and a set of Vivera retainers. I paid the lab $2479. And I made over $825 each hour of chair time. Most DCM protocol cases are right about $1000 an hour.

While it’s not a perfect ending, it’s good enough to change Komassa’s life. And even though she has an HMO and I don’t participate with any insurance, she if now a lifetime patient who pays out of pocket for quality dentistry and refers others to do the same. And will buy future retainers from her favorite dentist. Mental and financial reward all amped up to get a lot more out of time.

This is what I teach dentists just like you to do everyday.


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