July 16, 2023 by Amy from DCM Yoda

Finally i was able to meet Dr.Gupta! Learned so much from her. And she inspired me and gave me a new vision!! 😍

DCM community

July 16, 2023 by Amy from DCM Yoda

We are all lucky to learn from you. Dr. Wollock.🦷🀍🀍

GRC White Party

July 14, 2023 by Haniel Rosemond from DCM Yoda

With the Man Himself

July 12, 2023 by Sheena Sood from DCM Yoda


Favorite Photo - Brad

July 2, 2023 by Brian Brodersen from DCM other

Who doesn't love Christmas jammies? Great picture of Brad Jonnes and his family!

Hanging with the Big Dog Jim Olsen

June 30, 2023 by Scott Schumann aka SCHU from DCM Norton

I love meeting up with fellow DCM Norton Bad Ass Teammates, Our Fearless Leaders, and Friends from the past while listening to them just dropping bombs of Knowledge!

My fav pic

June 29, 2023 by Arzu Ersoy from DCM other

Great dentist,great mom