Diamond Club Makers

Your path to more profitable Invisalign®️

Do you want to do more Invisalign?


I will show you how to go from 40 Invisalign cases to 80, 80 cases to 200, and 200 cases to 400 a year. Not just how to do more.  But, how to fit all of that within your current practice using minimal resources while significantly adding to your general dentistry production.  How to build efficiency and predictability as your Invisalign volume grows.  How to literally make more by doing less.

In Diamond Club Makers, I teach you to understand the true causes for Invisalign failures and the how to minimize them.  This increases your confidence in what Invisalign is truly capable of.  It reduces your patient management headaches and nightmares.  And ultimately makes you a significantly more profitable dentist. 

Only limited candidates will be chosen.  A one-time fee of $10,879 gives you six months of continuous access to my proven mentorship, including 24 focused online lessons.  One topic each week in a series that will guide you to unparalleled growth.  Plus, so much more in tips, tricks, and proven pathways to success.  Let me help you take down the barriers holding you back.  All for around what you probably charge for two Invisalign cases.

Come learn how to take your practice to the next level.  From Bronze to Diamond in six months.  All you need is the desire to be the most you can be.

Current DCM Stats:

  • 135.5% Invisalign growth for the average student in DCM.
  • As of 2023 one-fourth of ALL North American GP Diamonds have been created through DCM. Several starting from only Gold to become Diamonds. One starting from Bronze. With over 30 Diamonds and Diamond Plus’s created to date DCM provides the most consistent and profitable path for anyone with desire to achieve Diamond.
  • Almost every DCMer has more cases in the six months of the class than in the entire year prior to DCM. With significant continued growth continuing after the class ends. Over the course of a career the impact is incalculable.
  • Most DCM dentists at least double their profit per hour on their Invisalign cases. All while significantly and profoundly reducing their amount of doctor time and their overall chair time. This frees up a significant amount of time and space to do the most profitable thing they do, restorative. And that has a huge impact on the overall practice’s collections.
  • Most DCM dentist will tell you their collections went up 150k to 250k in only the six months of the course, let alone the year, or their entire career. And some will tell you they have earned well over 1 million more in practice revenue within that same six month period. It is that profound.
  • 85% of the most recent class jumped at least one tier, about 60% jumped two or more tiers with one dentist jumping seven tiers from Bronze to Diamond. And she is one of four newly created Diamonds out of this most current class.
  • DCM doctors consistently will comment that the amount of content in each of the 24 lessons alone is like a two-day course that would cost them at least $2500 and two lost days of production from being out of the office. Times 24 lessons would be 48 days out of the office at a cost of 60k just for the CE without considering lost production, travel, etc… And the fact that this content is off the charts impactful all taking place in the palm of your hand on your timeline. (Or there is always SI for 100k a year.)

If accepted you can expect to:

  • Significantly grow your Invisalign case numbers while also growing your overall practice collections.
  • More consistently solve difficult movements like laterals with less corrections/refinements.
  • Expand case types you’re comfortable doing to grow your case numbers.
  • Increase your patient base beyond your typical general dentistry three mile radius.
  • Improve outcomes while decreasing your chair time.
  • Recruit your Invisalign base to spread the word of your general dentistry practice.
  • Decrease doctor time while elevating your profits.
  • Make everyday an Invisalign day within your practice.
  • Bring significant growth to your overall practice.
  • Since it’s all on your phone at your convenience on a daily basis, you avoid travel and the significant cost of being away from your business, especially since the amount of material in this course would require at minimum a month of in-person training.

What the DCM Classes are Saying

Dr. Frank Neves - DCM Pitt

It’s been a crazy 6 months…Michael you are driven, direct, determined…. All qualities that I admire and respect. I thank you for providing a forum that unites likeminded individuals to support and share. This journey was absolutely worth my time and money. To be able to stay associated with you and the elite group of DCM Pitt is a gift. +1muscle

Dr. Erin Cherry - DCM Norton

This has been an adventure. Thank you so much for all the knowledge along the way. It has transformed my business and Invisalign practice and I’m grateful. Loved getting to know this community and look forward to staying in community with you all.

Dr Jim Olsen - DCM Norton

A HUGE thank you to @michaelwollock for accepting me into this program. Your guidance, teaching, and consistent demands of accountability on us all were so valuable to me, and probably everyone here in getting us to stretch ourselves beyond previously self-imposed limits. I have been changed both professionally and personally by you, and from being a part of this DCM family. I am looking forward to meeting you and all of these great doctors in person in a couple weeks so that we can celebrate our successes together!

Dr. Isaac Perle - DCM Norton

Dr. Wollock. What can I say? I have no words. I want to thank you for challenging me. I want to thank you for daring me. I want to thank you for for opening my eyes to a new way to practice Invisalign as well as general dentistry. All of us have learned from you how to challenge ourselves and reach new vistas. Climb more mountains. Be better dentists and consequently provide better service to our patients. This enables us to lead more successful lives and help more people. Thank you again and again and again

Dr. William Fessler - DCM Norton

Thank you Michael and all who I have had the pleasure to get to know and learn from, it really has been way way better than I could have ever imagined . It takes discipline to be a accomplished dentist but you all , especially you Dr Michael have shone us all that it can and should be done by all !
Your innovative imagination is both a gift and a artistic expression that has greatly influenced the way i practice
Thank you

Dr. Harjinder Girn - DCM Norton

Thank you so much Dr. Wollock.
You have provided an amazing platform and insights to achieve goals and processes that you can’t simply learn on a weekend course.
You have not only provided me knowledge, but have truly changed my thinking processes and rewired my brain to the better for work and personal growth.
This journey with you and this group has been a truly amazing learning and rewarding experience.
Looking forward to meeting everyone soon.blush

Dr. Lauren Lee - DCM Norton

I have learned a tremendous amount the past 6 months about Invisalign of course, but also about how to improve my dental practice overall and about myself. I love all of you and I’m proud to be a part of this group. Thank you for everything Dr. W!

Dr. Saba Rizvi - DCM Pitt

It’s been a pleasurable journey @michaelwollock along with my fellow DCMer’s.
Wow! And that’s all that you got?!?! Amazing , truly amazing, the content, the organization, the systems, the marketing. I was blown away and I’m forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful group. I just want to say Thank you. pray

Dr. Ghanem Ghannam - DCM Pitt

Thank you for all you shared @michaelwollock. I thought this was going to be a six month course on clinchecks, and was amazed on how it just kept getting better and better. You spoke from your heart, and it showed. I will finally hit gold for the first time ever, and the best is yet to come.

Dr Matthew LoPresti - DCM Pitt

Thanks @michaelwollock for everything you’ve shared here with us. I approach every day a little different since starting on this journey – I try to put a little more into everything because jeez @michaelwollock goes next level on everything- like seeing the 4 minute mile but a new 4 minute mile at least every Monday for 6 months. Thanks everyone. See you next week

Dr. Stefanie Sunnes - DCM Pitt

Wow! 6 months gone in a flash. This course has meant the world to me. If it wasn’t for what I’ve learned my first practice may not be in existence right now. It’s been extremely slow in the restorative department, but those invis starts are rolling in!! I’m excited to see what happens in the next 6 months and can’t wait to see everyone else make it to diamond. Thanks @michaelwollock for everything you have taught us and for keeping us going.

Dr. Eric Kwon - DCM Pitt

Thank you for creating this community @michaelwollock! You have candidly challenged me to face my fears, overcome my self-doubts, own my excuses and focus on what I can control. It’s been a wild journey and I have learned so much, more than expected and much to be reviewed. What has made this journey special is every one of you! It’s like dental school, where through struggles, we bonded and lifelong friendships are born. I look forward to meeting y’all at GRC! Go Team Pitt!

Randy Johnson, DCM Yoda

Doctor Wollock, DCM, and the six month course have touched literally every area of practice. I assumed Invisalign, but I had no idea that it would make so many other improvements in the practice from Patient Management, staff management, hiring and firing, financial protocols, efficiencies in treatment , and in purchasing, financing, not to mention some of the main reasons I joined, which were improving patient care in Invisalign. Including, length of treatment, quality of treatment, time spent on each case and improvement in profitability because of that. Which cases to take on, and which to pass. And knowing that we have a group of amazing doctors to be able to throw questions onto the forum and get lots of input. Amazingly Doctor Wollock had intuitive and experienced input on most every question I saw on the forum, which says amazing things about his dedication and efficiency and level of care Dr Wollock provided us.
In my 30+ years of dentistry I have studied with some of the worlds, best, and have had those courses change the trajectory of my career. This course encompassed even more areas and my only regret is that it didn’t come along 20 years ago. Don’t let it pass you up even one more year, the dividends will pay handsomely!

Abinaash Kaur DCM Yoda

First time I’ve reached Platinum and racing towards Platinum Plus by the end of June 30. DCM made it happen by changing my mindset and way of practice about Invisalign. I never thought of using Invisalign to drive the rest of my practice. This mindset shift will allow all of us to grow in so many ways in the weeks, months, years to come. Thank you Mike and to each of you that made this experience SO great!! 😊🙏🏻

Joshua Chupp DCM Yoda

Feeling blessed to be part of this group and being able to put these systems to work at the start of ownership has been incredibly powerful. This has added over 200k to my practice over these 6 months. I’ve reached platinum and I know Diamond is in reach by December. It’s incredible. I am looking forward to continuing being in this group and meeting everyone in July!

Quyen Dang DCM Yoda

I can’t believe how fast six months have flown by! I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge from Dr. Wollock and all of you, covering clinical, philosophy, and various disciplines. This has truly been the best class I’ve ever experienced—highly practical, productive, and immensely helpful. Moreover, the online format has saved us a lot of expenses like travel, accommodation, transportation, and meals. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Wollock and everyone involved for being an integral part of my career’s memorable journey. I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting you all in person next month.

Neeli Gottlieb DCM Yoda

The past 6 months have flown by. I can’t believe all that I didn’t know before this course and even more so, what I didn’t even know I didn’t know. Thank you Dr Wollock and thank you everyone in DCM Yoda. Can’t wait to meet most of you in Vegas in a few weeks and celebrate our accomplishments!

Linty John-Varghese DCM Yoda

My sad post to this group that brought me immense joy for the past 6 months 😢.
We laughed, we cried, we stressed, we conquered more than we ever thought. We are better for knowing one another, creating a new world of 35 friends who were absolutely strangers 6 months ago.
I come from a place of gratitude, a heart filled with love and appreciation, knowing this wonderful group of Friends that changed my world, and shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for that 🙏🏻.
The learnings from all your cases, the journey through your practices, your words of wisdom,… I am grateful to each of you’ll from teaching me from your experience.
And I would like to Thank YODA, THE MASTER himself, for being the Wisest Educator willing to share all, .. one amongst the counted few most successful dentists in this country, ..Icon and Legend in our dental world, .. and busy wearing so many hats in life, yet having the same number of hours as us, .. his humility and kindness to pick us all up from where we were and to elevate us to where we are now,.. there are not enough words in the English vocabulary that express my gratitude and appreciation to this wonderful Soul, Dr.Wollock 🙏🏻.
There is not a day I rave about this course to my dentist friends, my regular friends, my SM friends, my teams, my patients, my families, .. it has been THAT profound to me.
Thank you for everything to each and every one of you’ll. You will be always be a STAR in my eyes.
U DA MAN 😎🤜🏼🤛🏼

Cecilio Po DCM Yoda

This has been such an amazing 6 months. From not really knowing what to expect to having exceeded any expectations. What we all have now is a community that will live on (as long as you participate!). Again, I’ve said it before that I cherish all of you and learned from all of you. I wish to continue to learn with you all!!! Thank you Dr. Wollock for all that you taught us, in and out of the operatory!!! Little by little I’m getting out of my own way!! This course is truly limitless. Which is a cool name for a future DCM group. Excited to see everyone who is going to GRC and hopefully meet each and every one of you one day. Future goal—>>>Plan on taking a selfie with each DCM Yoda member!!!!

Haniel Rosemond DCM Yoda

Dr Wollock and DCM Yoda this 6-month journey has truly been much more than I expected. I began expecting to become a better Invisalign provider. I came away with SOOO much more. Leadership, staffing, scheduling, ordering, understanding the importance of chair time, etc. The dialog we have had with each other about the wins and challenges we face in our practices has bonded this group forever. Although my overall numbers could have been stronger, we closed four cases this week with more consults scheduled for next week. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Vegas!! CHEERS DCM YODA!!!!

Cara Schantz DCM Yoda

Last official Friday post! A huge thanks to Dr Wollock again for sharing his wealth of knowledge with us! And taking the time, no matter what the day and hour, to reply to our questions and give us stellar advice and guidance. To be honest, I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I signed up for this class, but it quickly became apparent. I have never taken a longer, more intense class that required such a presence. It has been great and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Anu Sood DCM Yoda

Can’t believe this is our last week. What an amazing ride it’s been! I have learned so much not just about Invisalign but also patient management and communication skills too. Can’t thank Dr Wollock enough and can’t wait to meet the DCM Yoda family in Vegas!

Dalvir Pannu

I am actually sad that this class is coming to an end. Best course I ever took. This is going to leave a long-lasting impact on my practice and personal life. Thanks a lot everyone for sharing your experiences. I truly appreciate @Michael for creating this what’s app group energy.

Shiva Soleimani DCM Yoda

Dr. W. I don’t think any of us know how to thank you for the amount of knowledge you’ve shared with us throughout this course. You’ve shaped so many minds/careers! Thank you! 🤗💕

Amy Jung DCM Yoda

DCM Yoda! It was honored to be a part of this amazing group. I really enjoyed this journey because of all of you. And thank you Dr. Wollock for your amazing content, not only did we reach Diamond from Bronze, but also, as we are pursuing the goal together, our team got stronger and bonded tighter!

Annah Tran DCM Yoda

It was a rough week for me. My OM of 15.5 years gave me her 2 weeks’ notice that was more like a 5 working day notice on Sunday night at 10 pm. It was painful on a personal level but on a professional level it is a blessing. My office has been stagnant, and I have been open to change. DCM has helped me to embrace change, so I look at this as an opportunity to make changes necessary for continued growth. DCM has opened my eyes to adapting to change and I am excited for the future.

Jessica Nieva DCM Yoda

Dr. @Michael you are a rare kind of human being. I’m having such a hard time putting my gratitude for DCM into words. Know how much DCM impacted me and changed my life. Thank you to Dr. @Michael and DCM Yoda’s for this amazing journey. Congrats to all your achievements and keep reaching for Diamonds!

An Average Case Using DCM Protocols

David Galler taught most of us how to do Invisalign. I teach how to make a lot of money doing Invisalign.

Komassa changed her smile in just 7 months. With no more then 3 hours of total chair time start to finish, and less then 25 minutes of total doctor time. She paid a total of $3776 for Invisalign and a set of Vivera retainers. I paid the lab $2479. And I made over $825 each hour of chair time. Most DCM protocol cases are right about $1000 an hour.

While it’s not a perfect ending, it’s good enough to change Komassa’s life. And even though she has an HMO and I don’t participate with any insurance, she if now a lifetime patient who pays out of pocket for quality dentistry and refers others to do the same. And will buy future retainers from her favorite dentist. Mental and financial reward all amped up to get a lot more out of time.

This is what I teach dentists just like you to do everyday.


Limited spots available for my next class.

What I learned in DCM

G.O.A.T. awarded at GRC 2023

Making More Profits by Becoming An Invisalign Diamond Provider

Rewards and Recognition

DCM Group

It Pays to “Learn How” From Extraordinary Experts:

Learn “How” From North America’s Largest Solo Doctor Invisalign Provider!

DCM Diamonds 2023

Congratulations to the many DCM graduates who have now reached Diamond or even Diamond Plus. These are some of the top Invisalign GP dentists in all of North America. Their desire to be better has guided their successful climb to the top. Well done!

What is required to become a Diamond Club Maker

It really boils down to desire.

I have taken large multi-dentist big city offices who are stuck at Platinum to Diamond. Small rural single 3 chair offices from Gold to Diamond. And brand-new dentists just starting their office with very little Invisalign experience from Bronze to Diamond. All within the six-month course. And while not everyone reaches Diamond, almost all do more Invisalign, do it significantly more profitably, with greater predictability, with confidence and knowledge that they couldn’t and can’t get anywhere else. This almost always leads to a substantial rise in overall practice collections. Which leads DCM doctors to long-term business and financial security. And the only thing that anyone needs to become another DCM success story is the desire to do more, to do it better, and to create happy patient’s that appreciate all you do while significantly increasing your income.

Sorry no DSO offices at this point in time. I choose to serve the small dentist/business like myself. In an effort to help them remain independent and to thrive in this ever-increasing competitive world.

So go up to the Menu at the top of the page and press Apply to fill out the application to be considered for the next class. The sooner you join, the quicker and longer exponential growth can happen.

Let’s do DCM Math

Diamond Club Makers costs around 10k. Which is no small number. Some ask, isn’t that a lot of money for a CE course? Fair questions, but a flawed perspective. It’s not about how much money a course costs. It’s about how much money that course can make you.

The reality is that almost every DCM graduate would tell you they made a minimum of 10-fold back easily during the six months of the course alone. Many have made upwards of $350,000 to an almost unbelievable million back within those same six months. And none of that accounts for the staggering amount of money from increased income they make over the entire year or even the course of their careers. I know that it’s tough to believe, but this is what DCM graduates consistently report.

Additionally, most dentists have taken a day or two course. They may pay $500 to $2500 for that course. If they spent a day they could have been working. They lost 8 hours and 20-30k in income because they had not been in the office producing. (If you are not making at least 20-30k a day then you definitely need this course). Only to learn a few pearls that makes them back very little and changes almost nothing in their stalled minimal growth practice. If that works for you, then keep doing what you’re doing, and this course is not for you.

But if you want to do something better, if they want to improve your practice by leaps and bounds, if you want a 10-fold PLUS return on investment (understated) in the six months of this course alone. And if you are wise enough to think outside the box you are trapped in. Then DCM is for you.

If you are still unsure, I will happily make you a deal. Pay me nothing now. But since I am investing in you. I want return for my investment. So, you sign away 1% of any and all future practice growth every year over the next ten years. Then and only then will I be truly compensated for the millions of extra dollars I will have made you.

Then there are some that would rather buy a 10k shiny piece of equipment that you use once or twice a month until you forget about it, and it collects dust in the storage closet. Why not invest in yourself. The untapped power within you to produce more. The only thing holding anyone back is desire and knowledge. I share that knowledge. You just need to bring the desire.

Others jump on board with programs like Scheduling Institute. Amazing content and for hundreds of thousands of dollars over time they will make you a lot of money. But why are you paying them an ungodly amount more?

So, you have options:

Continue to sit on the sidelines missing out on your real and true income potential. What’s another year or two? I can tell you it is 100’s of thousands of dollars and millions over the course of your career.

Take minimally effective programs that you miss work and lose more than you make.

Buy some fancy piece of equipment that promises everything just like the other fancy pieces of equipment in your storage closet did. Or start using your best piece of equipment to its maximum potential (your brain).

Pay 100’s of thousands of dollars for something with real change.

Or do what over 200 others have done now. Making them better Invisalign dentists, better dentists overall, and better businesspersons. Sign up now for what turns out to be a small amount of investment in yourself in order to unlock your true potential.

Don’t take my word. Listen to these dentists:

Are You Ready to Join the Diamond Club Makers?

Apply Now

For more information email us at info@diamondclubmakers.com.We are currently accepting applicants.
Classes usually start in January and July. But are formed in the months prior.
Early applications are given preference.

In Their Own Words

• Bronze to Gold Plus, 4 tiers in the five and 1/2 months so far.
• $350k in practice growth so far this year due to DCM!

Dr. Andreea Torok
Denver Colorado
DCM Yoda

• Estimated $180k in Invisalign growth for the first five months of the course.
• I had been at Platinum Plus but couldn’t sustain it. I slid back and got stuck at Gold Plus. But now I am going to hit Platinum Plus during DCM and be able to sustain it while finding a better balance within my entire practice. And I am hoping to reach Diamond over the next six months.

Dr. Yonatan Ahdut
Seattle Washington
DCM Yoda

• $150k growth just in my Invisalign collections over the six month course.
• Jumped 4 tiers from Bronze to Gold Plus in the six months and looking forward to continued growth.

Dr. Linty John-Varghese
Centerville Ohio
DCM Yoda

Dr. Arnaldo Derizze
Shelby Township, MI
DCM Rebellion

Dr. James Furgurson
Chapel Hill, NC
DCM Rebellion

Dr. Savita Chaudhry
Etobicoke, Ontario
DCM Rebellion

Dr. Adriann Hooks found the pot of gold under the rainbow. “My rural not high income small town practice increased revenue 440K in that year from what I learned in DCM.”

Dr. Adriann Hooks
Armstrong Dental Care
Kittanning, PA

Prior to starting DCM, I really struggled to increase my Invialisgn® case count, and just didn’t have that confidence when it came to handling some of the more advanced cases, so I decided to join DCM, and man, it has been the best investment of my career. Learning from Dr. Michael Wollock has completely changed my office in all areas, Invisalign®, restorative, hygiene, everything.

Dr Dan Blazo
DCM Pitt
Advanced Smile
Dearborn, Michigan

I was one of those dentists that dabbled in Invisalign® for several years, never breaking free from the Silver level. I attended Reingage with Dr. Geller this past December and saw with new eyes the incredible potential with Invisalign® in my practice. So I really wanted to implement things as fast and effectively as possible, and I heard about Dr. Wollock’s DCM class, and I signed up with that…never looked back. I went from Silver to Platinum in four and a half months.

Dr. Brock Arms
DCM Norton
Lifesmiles Dentistry
Cadillac, Michigan

If you are committed and dedicated and willing to put in the work, and you’re looking to take your practice to the next level and become the best Invisalign® doctor in your community, you have to take this course, without a doubt.

Dr Simranjit Bawa
DCM Norton
Potomac Crown Dentistry
North Potomac, Maryland

I learned so much in these last six months, and with Mike’s help, I was able to jump from Platinum to Diamond Top 1% Provider. All within six months.

Dr Karen Ho
DCM Destruction
Palm View Dental
Alhambra, California

Your Invisalign® cases will have less refinements, you will be more confident doing them, they will be faster, and the whole team is going to just know what to do.

Dr Lauren Lee
DCM Norton
Orange Beach Family Dentistry
Orange Beach, Alabama

About Dr. Michael I. Wollock and the origin of DCM

Dr Michael WollockLearn from someone who has done Invisalign for over 22 years.  Certified in Aligns first class for GP’s.  Someone who has already helped over 200 other dentists achieve their true Invisalign practice potential. Someone who is on pace for 700 cases a year, in an eight-chair full general dentistry office, average 26 hours a week 46 weeks a year, one dentist no associates or partners, with over 5.1 million in collections this year.

For those who don’t know me; I am a Board Member and Fellow of the AACA (American Academy of Cosmetic Aligners), President of the Empire Chapter since its inception; 2016, and Chief Diamond Maker for the Diamond Club Makers.  As an organization DCM has produced more GP Diamonds than any other organization ever.  I personally have been the AACA’s biggest Invisalign producer every year since we have been in existence.  I am and have been an Invisalign Diamond PLUS 1%er since 2017.  Now, well over 4000 Invisalign cases.  I serve as an educator, consultant, and Board Member for Align on its North American GP Advisory Board.  And now besides running and practicing in my office on the Main Line of Philadelphia (Dentistry at Suburban Square), I am sharing my vast Invisalign knowledge and experience with fellow dentists through Diamond Club Makers.  Where I gain great joy and pride in serving those members.  Helping them achieve unparalleled growth in their Invisalign numbers as well as their overall practice collections and management.

Since being certified by Align in 2001, I had been hovering around 40 cases a year.  While having greater experience than the average GP doing 15 a year, I still really had no idea what I was doing.  I thought that’s what Align was doing for me.  That was and is a naïve idea.  I attended all the CE on Invisalign that there was.  At the time it was entirely orthodontists who lectured, and they spoke a different language then us as GP’s.  They also had very little interest in having GP’s compete for what was their exclusive market segment.  But I knew that I only referred out 5-15% of my patient’s RCT’s, extractions, kids, perio, etc…  But why am I referring out 100% of my patients ortho needs.  After searching far and wide, I found the one non-orthodontist Invisalign lecturer.  He was just starting his lecture career.  In fact, I believe I was at one of his first lectures outside New York where he was practicing at the time.  After seeing Dr David Galler speak on GST (Galler Spacing Technique) at an Align Dinner CE at Maggiano’s in King of Prussia PA, I was hooked.  We exchanged phone numbers (WhatsApp wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye).

When he began his Reingage series long ago, I called him, and he gave me a choice of where I could go.  Yeah, as then and now, its waiting list only.  I choose a short drive to Terrytown NY.  Went up for a Thursday morning and at the end of the day I discovered there was another day of the class.  I called my team and cancelled my patient schedule; I couldn’t miss the second day.  Just after, I became President of that class, the Empire Aligners.  My Invisalign production jumped from 40 to 80 that year, but that wasn’t enough.  I started playing the Align Advantage game, thinking saving money by doing more cases was the only path.  While I have been at Diamond and Diamond Plus since 2017, what I learned and teach in DCM is that saving from Aligns Advantage game is very small compared to the time saving I show DCM doctors, the savings in making Invisalign significantly more predictable, and the exponential growth effect that Invisalign facilitates throughout my entire GP practice.

At some point in this journey Frank Quinn at the time Align’s North American Sales and Special Markets VP turned to me on one of our many conversations over Perfect Manhattans and said I was a “Unicorn”.  That what I was doing with Invisalign as a GP was unique and not reproducible.  This challenged a very core belief I have of myself, that I am not special.  That what I do is repeatable.  And that each and every one of you can achieve any and all I have and more.  That’s what I strive to help each DCM doctor with.


Diamond+ 2022Diamond+ 2021Top 1% 2020Diamond 1%Diamond PlusGaller Cup2017 Top 1% Invisalign Provider2016 Elite Invisalign Provider2015 Elite Invisalign ProviderInvisalign Elite Provider 2014ACA Fellow
2019 TIDNA2018 TIDNA 2017 TIDNADCMAlign

Why reinvent the wheel when I can show you the blueprints that will help you to build what I have. Join me on your journey to become the pinnacle Invisalign provider in your community. To position your office for success during difficult business headwinds. Stop being the workhorse that is towing the cart weighed down by an unmotivated group of employees. Start spreading your wings to become a unicorn leading your Team to new heights.

Apply Now
The online six-month class starts every July and January. But fills up long before. You can add your name to our next classes waiting list by applying now. Early applicants are given preference.

DCM classes

DCM Course Structure

All weekly lessons and all other topic segments are entirely over WhatsApp during each of the 24 weeks. They begin with a complete and detailed progression from A-Z on how I perform Invisalign within my high producing 700 plus cases a year only comprising 1/3 of my 5.1 million collections office. From the consult all the way to completion with each and every step between. I include internal and external marketing, case examples, Clincheck reviews and guidance, patient management, and ways to make Invisalign one of the more profitable procedures within your office while driving your overall growth to new highs. The last third of the course is focused on practice management, creating time and space for the huge increase in production and collections you are about to experience, amplifying your efforts by creating an efficient team around you, and so much more.

Because the entire course is always in the palm of your hand, your education doesn’t interfere with the varied and over-scheduled professional and personal obligations we all have. It won’t take you out of your office for a single day. This means you won’t lose any production as you inevitably do with conventional CE. It doesn’t interfere with your family’s vacation schedule, or the kids soccer game. All you need to do to bring your practice to an entirely new level is what you are doing now, be on your phone on a daily basis. You also learn from the varied backgrounds and skills of your classmates through their interactions. I have found this daily interaction in the palm of your hand to be the most rewarding and educational platform almost all have ever experienced.

All materials in the course are the property of Diamond Club Makers. And are protected with an NDA that you will be asked to sign.

This six-month very limited capacity program begins every January and July of each year. The current cost is posted at the bottom of the application and is designed to fractionally cover the cost of the large time investment I will be making in you. Early applicants are favored. Once we are filled you will be informed. Good luck on the first step that changed everything for you, your office, and your career!