DCM Recycling UPDATE

DCM is now facilitating change! 

There is just no reason a 17 billion dollar company can’t work with us to recycle the plastic they put into the environment.  Let’s just see what 200 of the highest Invisalign producing dentists in North American can do to make change happen.

Watch the video to order FREE Align boxes to ship the used trays for FREE back to Align via terracycle.  Or you can use any box you have around the office.

Order a plastic storage container for your office like mine from Amazon (pictured).  Or get any other.
Create an account with Terracycle at:


Follow the 6 step guide provided by terracycle (pictured below).

Also pictured is the process of having a label emailed to me and then printed from my phone.

Attach the label to the box and send your used plastic aligners back to Align.

Send a photo to your DCM groups everytime you mail them.

EACH OF YOU can make a small difference.

AND TOGETHER we will make a big difference.

Mike Wollock
Chief Diamond Maker
(and environmentalist)

Six step terracycle guide

Ordering boxes from Align or use whatever you have around the office. Also pictured is the Amazon storage container for my office.

DCM Logos

DCM is a proud sponsor of a local minority student doctor group:


Their mission:

PhillyStudentDoctors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2022 whose purpose is to create a community of support for Black student doctors in health professional programs throughout Philadelphia. Black students in health professional programs are usually one of a few and typically don’t have as much support as their majority counterparts. PhillyStudentDoctors was founded by Temple Dental and Drexel Medical students who desired to connect and bond with other students like themselves.